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Donald asks…

why do Ieftists support the state sponsored propaganda from GE and demand censorship of F0X?

0bama paid GE 27 Billion to be his propaganda machine and exempted them from paying taxes. GE CEO is on 0bamas staff now and GE owns MSNBC and NBC.
imfoxy….yes there is a site for that, its called Yahoo Answers. read what the liberals say.

admin answers:

Because the liberals are massively uniformed and the true news is hidden from them by their one-sided reporting lame stream bias` media ! ***GE To Make BILLIONS From Obama Cap and Trade Scheme***
Breaking: General Electric in the position to make billions from Obama’s Cap and Trade scheme and is lobbying heavily for it’s passage. Not only are they the largest wind turbine generator maker, they are going to profit heavily from the “cap and trade” credits as possibly the sole “secondary market’ trader of these credits. Now do you understand the main stream NBC, MSNBC, CNBC fully supporting the Obama agenda, and the hate-filled, anti-conservative spew from their networks.
GE is embroiled in what perhaps could be the largest scandal in the history of this nation. Currently, GE and CEO Jeffery Immelt have spend millions in lobbying efforts to assure the passage of this dasturdly “cap and trade” proposal. And, as evidenced from the Shareholders meeting in Orlando, Immelt wasn’t in the mood for the boo’s and the questions that exposed the media bias from NBC and MSNBC (and CNBC) and their total shift from objective reporting to nothing but pure bias toward the Obama administration and their “cap and trade” scheme.

Then Janeine Garafalo did her “hit shtick” on Olberman’s show earlier in the week, it was obvious that his entire lack of response to her diatribe was in full support of GE corporate policy and Olberman was being the compliant little prick he is and following the company line. It is OBVIOUS as the nose on anyone’s face that the NBC networks, that includes MSNBC and CNBC are totally pro-Obama agenda driven, and are using the bully pulpit to promote his legislative proposals. In the back of my mind, I knew deep down that General Electric, as owner of the NBC network, was fully supporting Obama, was instrumental in his election, and had something to gain. However, I never quiet made the connection as reported tonight.
Under the Obama plan, the “cap and trade” credits will be issued to all producers of energy. GE is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines as well as other electical generation turbines used in coal, gas, atomic, and hydroelectic electricity generation facilities. With the Obama plan, those cap and trade credits would be issued by the Federal Government, and ultimately, traded just like any stock or bond. GE has apparently, created and entire unit with the Corporation that would deal in the Secondary Market trading these credits. First, they are going to take in billions of dollars from government contracts in wind energy. Second, they perhaps are going to have exclusive control over the secondary market for these cap and trade credits. That, in effect, puts GE in the catbirds seat for all energy produced in this nation as ALL “carbon emission” energy sourced are going to be subject to these carbon schemes. This includes ANY oil related, natural gas related, gasoline, diesel, and any other manufacturer that uses any petro-based component. That means every single plastic container, every car, every chemical fertilizer, every pesticide, every single thing you use will be subject to this scheme as it too, is made from a carbon based material.
(“We’re in an area right now that makes Watergate look like a Shirley Temple movie.”) illustrate, the best that can be said about General Electric is that it is hip deep in conflict of interest. It’s running TV networks that prop up liberalism, the global warming issue and Obama, while privately lobbying hard for cap-and-trade, from which it intends to profit heavily.
There can be no doubt that GE is up to it’s neck in this scandal. It is further evidence that WE THE PEOPLE of this nation are going to have to quit sitting still and allowing this huge, overblown government from dealing with GE for any contracts awarded to them for anything. Face some realities- GE is one of the governments largest contractors and they are going to get billions and billions more under the Obama plans should they become law. This, with no words minced, is an OUTRAGE to the foundation of this nations Constitutional government. Additionally, GE employees contributed to Obama’s campaign, close to $98,000 while NBC employees contributed close to $194,000. (For reference, the McCain camp only received donations close to $55,000 from GE/NBC employees according to They heavily invested in his election and the desire for his climate change initiatives to become law for a very selfish reason- massive profits.
There can be no doubt that the very reason NBC, MSNBC, and the MSM is fully supporting the “settled science” on climate change is GE profit driven. They stand to make BILLIONS from the promotion of the scam on the American people and the world.

Mary asks…

How much pound feet of torque is required to turn those large 250kw wind turbines?

admin answers:

Turbines come in many sizes and power ratings.

AND: If it were running at full, rated power, for 250KW (which is a very big one) it would have to have an input of over 342 HP.
AND: 342 HP equals 188 K ft.lbs per second or 11.3 M ft.lbs per minute.
SO: It is the energy that must go into it from the wind forces that turn the propeller of the turbine.
HOWEVER: The rotational speed is depending on the design of the coils inside the generator, the number of blades, their length and the rotational speed they can support. Please refer to the wikipedia site above for a discussion on these matters.
IF: We assume a rotational speed of 120 rpm or some such figure (you can get specifications from the manufacturers web pages) you can compute the torque by trial and error using the nifty little calculator or go to a site regarding formulas.
(The torque must be guessed at until you reach the right HP as given above – 342).
It turns out to be around 180,000 ft.lbs (180K ft.lbs) or torque.
Think those numbers are reasonable for a 250KW generator.
PS: If the speed slows down to 50 rpm, the torque must increase to 450K ft.lbs in order to keep producing the 250KW power output!

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