Your Questions About Wind Turbine Technician Jobs

William asks…

Will Airstreams Renewables windmill technician training program be a good investment?

I’m looking to get into the wind field and am considering going to this program. It costs $4700 plus more for living expenses. I was wondering if anyone in the industry knows about this program and if so what impression do they have of the training.

admin answers:

I’m going to ask my husband to answer this question. I believe he’s the only person who answers yahoo Q&A who actually worked as a wind turbine tech.

By the way, that’s the first thing you need to correct. They are wind turbines, not wind mills.

Wind mills pump water, or grind grain.
Wind turbines produce power.

$4700 is an extremely good investment to get you into an expending field. There simply are not many places you can get an education for only $4700 and go to work after that.

Are you physically fit? Working on wind turbines is NOT an easy job!

Remember, no bathrooms in a wind turbine. You also work in them, when the weather outside is over 100 (F), or negative 30 (F).

You also need to live in states that have the wind turbines. Most of the turbine jobs are in Texas. Hopefully you like that state.

Are you afraid of heights? If so, don’t spend you money on wind turbine school.

Wind turbine jobs are fantastic for the young, single man. Many wind turbine jobs are on contract. They can last anywhere from 2-5 years. That means moving, possibly to another state every few years. Not at all easy for the married man with children in school. Just something to think about. Can also make owning pets difficult.

You should also like the desert. Most wind turbines are placed in desert areas. They recieve a lot of wind, and there are no trees to slow the wind down.

The other concideration of course are the off shore wind turbines.

Keep your question open for several days. If my husband does not have time to answer it tonight, he will not have time for a couple of days, as work is taking him on the road. His online name is D_Offio.

By the way, if you are married, you need to realize just how demanding a wind tech job can be. You will be on call certain days. So you might end up working Christmas, or your wife’s birthday. You may well also recieve a call at 3AM and have to go to work. The smaller the site, the fewer the fellow techs you will be working with, that also means the more days you will be on-call.

Wind turbines are not a 9-5 job.

Even after you are trained as a tech, your employer will send you off (to other states) for aditional training. Some of that training sends you away for 30 days, with zero time home. Married? How would your wife handle that? Got a pet? What would you do with them?

Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years

Laura asks…

What are the cons of wind energy?

This is for an energy project. Our group leader just had to pick wind, and I’m stuck with the cons. Please answer asap.

admin answers:

They are a serious threat to birds and bats.

“According to the most recent data, wind operations in the Altamont Pass kill approximately 7,300 to 9,600 birds each year, including as many as 94 golden eagles, 477 American kestrels, 433 red-tailed hawks, and 718 burrowing owls. Species such as the golden eagle, red-tailed hawk, and the burrowing owl are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes any killing of the birds a violation of federal law.[3] ”

A wind farm built in West Virginia actually had to be shut down because it was shown to be a threat to endangered species of bats that roosted in the area.

Most people will not tolerate wind mills in their immediate area. In some communities people who have tried to put up wind turbines to generate their own power have been prevented from installing them, even in “green” communities like San Francisco. The noise level and visual impact are the concerns.

Wind has even been a big problem for many people when placed offshore. They don’t like the fact that it obstructs their view and it can also be a threat to sea birds in that environment. It took ten years to overcome the NIMBY opposition to a wind project in Nantucket.

One of the largest designs available for wind turbines has had major problems with defective gears. Several of their wind farms had to be shut down and major maintenance shut them down for months.

Work on wind turbines is dangerous and there have been a few fatalities already. Considering the low numbers of workers in this field, I suspect the fatality rate is quite high.

Maintenance worker dies at UK wind farm

One researcher into fatality rates says this:
“it appears that the current mortality rate of wind energy of 0.15 deaths per TWh is roughly equivalent to that of mining, processing, and burning of coal to generate electricity according to some researchers.”

Once workers being trained to work in wind energy realize they will be working in dangerous conditions, traveling and living in motels, often unable to work due to bad weather, and not paid particularly well, they may prefer working on normal construction jobs. Total pay is only $40,000 to $55,000 per year according to one source.

Wind doesn’t always blow. Electricity is very difficult to store, and our power grid relies on a constant supply of electricity being generated to meed the immediate demand. Wind makes power when the wind blows, not when you turn on the switch. Modern power plants rely on coal fired plants, and nuclear plants to supply base load and use natural gas to supply peak power, because natural gas plants can increase power output very quickly and be shut down just as quickly. Wind will become a somewhat irregular contributor to base load but will never be able to replace the reliable sources like nuclear and coal, and especially cannot substitute for natural gas plants because it cannot be turned on at will.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators How They Work

David asks…

How do you connect a solar panel and wind generator in parallel?

I have an ~18v solar panel and a ~15v wind turbine. Sometimes one generates more voltage than the other. How would I get both of them to charge one ~12v battery? I can’t just connect them in parallel with diodes, because in that case, only the higher voltage source gets used. Is there a special charge controller circuit that will do this?

admin answers:

Placing diodes in series with each source to the battery would solve your problem. You should use a charge controller on the system to prevent overcharging the battery.
I’ve put together a relatively simple dump load circuit which diverts excess power to high power resistors. It is part of a wind charging system with inputs from wind, solar, and a DC power supply.

Lizzie asks…

what is the value of the efficiency constant of the wind turbine?

Consider a GE 2.50 MW wind turbine located on a ridge where the average wind speed is 14.8 m/s. The turbine has a 50.0 meter rotor radius. The density of air is 1.200 kg/m^3. What is the value of the efficiency constant?

admin answers:

Hey Joe, I’m not sure this is the straight up answer you’re looking for, but I’ll explain how I got it and you can take it from there.

The formula for finding the energy in a moving column of air is this:

P = .5 X rho X A X v^3

P is power available in watts
rho is air density, in kg/m^3
V is velocity in m/s
A is the swept area in square meters

Since the value of rho you’re using is 1.2 kg/m^3, velocity is 14.8 and swept area for a 50 meter radius turbine comes to 7850 square meters, the power available is 15.25 MW. Your problem says the rated output for the turbine is 2.5 MW, so I have to assume that is what it is putting out right now, and that 14.8 m/s (33 mph) is the turbines ideal speed. If this is true, then your output of 2.5 MW divided by the power available in that column of air (15.25 MW) comes to:

2.5 / 15.25 = 16%

This might be correct, but sounds a bit low to me. Most commercial turbines operate in the 20 – 35 % efficiency range. I know the 50 meters couldn’t be diameter, when I ran the numbers for that it came out to 65%, which is beyond the Betz Limit and isn’t possible. Anyway, there are some links below if you want to look into it more. Take care Joe, Rudydoo

PS, I didn’t take into account generator and gearbox losses, which might bring the average wind turbine efficiency fairly close to 16%. Be sure to read the page from the link below, it explains it better than I can…Rudydoo

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Your Questions About Wind Generators Cost

Mandy asks…

What is the establishment cost for a coal burning factory?

I need this for a science assignment. Holy crap do I hate science.
So yeah, what is the establishment cost to set up a coal burning factory? (Where the coal is transferred into energy)

admin answers:

The current establishment cost of a coal fired power station is about $2000 per kilowatt of power produced. Over a 50 year life; this is quite low compared with establishment costs for wind and solar power generation, and a lot (hundreds) of wind generators are needed to produce the same power output of a large coal powered generator. This is why it is proving difficult to replace coal for large scale power generation.

Here’s a wiki ref:

Laura asks…

How can laws of thermodynamics applied to the system of wind power?

Apply the 1st and 2nd laws to the wind powersystem. State what conclusions (environmental, economic…) can you draw from applying the 2 laws.

admin answers:

Energy conservation can show how efficient/cost effective a wind power generator can be.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine

Lizzie asks…

What factors affect the efficiency of a wind mill/wind turbine? What is the physics related to it?

What physics is related to it (secondary school – to early university level physics)? Also, how would a basic wind turbine be constructed and how would you go about testing the factors that affect the efficiency?

admin answers:

Efficiency (the ratio of actual power out to theoretical power out) is not the primary design goal for a windmill or turbine. The real goal is minimizing total cost per unit energy.

Efficiency is a factor, but initial cost, ease of maintenance, suitability to the context, etc. Are all more important. (Just as with gasoline and diesel engines).

Thus, it is clear that theoretical efficiency goes up with the number of blades, but going from 1 blade to 2 increases efficiency by only 6%. Going from 2 to 3 blades increases efficiency by 3%.
Going from 2 blades to 3 blades might pay, but while 4 blades would be a little bit more efficient, the gain just isn’t worth the costs. Similarly, a 3_D helical turbine can be more efficient that a planar turbine, but would be much too hard and expensive to build.

For another example, Darrieus wind turbines are never as efficient as propellor type turbines, but are still considered practical for power generation:
For one thing, they never have to rotate to face the wind; and their electronics can all be at ground level for ease of access:

That’s even more true of Savonius turbines:

A subtle point is determining which “theoretical power” to count. In general, the higher you go the faster the wind and power goes up as the cube of the velocity.

So when you consider a vertical propellor, do you use the wind velocity at the axis? At the top tip? (In theory, you have to do an integral, but that assumes you know the distribution of wind speeds.)

And what do you do about storms? When the winds are too fast, the turbine cuts back on generating power, but what speed is “too much”? Do you design the turbine to handle 90% of the wind or 99% of the wind? You may get twice as much total energy out of the 99% turbine (because the 9% of the time that it is working while the other isn’t, the wind is fast and has lots of energy) but the costs are much greater.

(BTW, recent analysis suggests that the best possible planar (simple propellor-type) turbine can only come away with 30% of the energy in the wind that goes through it.)

Susan asks…

How does using a wind turbine mitigate global warming?

How does using a wind turbine/ sloar panels help mitigate global warming?

My school just installed solar panels and a wind turbine now they want me to say how it mitigates global warming, help!
Yes i need a long and detailed answer. Eg it helps by stopping power stations using so much coal or something. many thx.

admin answers:

I like the answer that adds in the concrete etc in the building of the wind turbine, coal power stations are of course made from organic tissue paper.
The same answer also suggests “there is a miniscule drag placed upon the rotation of the planet” I am sorry but there is only one reply to this idea, ha ha ha ha, If I were your physics teacher you just earned an automatic F-.

John s: I have been on this site for a while, I have ~20 years working in a science group that study both Antarctica and some climate related issues in the upper atmosphere, having said that I would say over 95% of those who contribute here have little or no idea (on both sides) what they are talking about, I would suggest a google search or the well known research groups like NASA and NOAA or the Hadley researcher group in the U.K. There are way to many conspiracy nuts and those who are just spreading nonsence here.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators

Chris asks…

How do you calculate the number of copper wire coils for a generator so that I can generate 1200 Kw power?

I am building a home-made wind turbine generator with lots of tools, money and materials. I need to know how to calculate the number of copper coils, i.e. coil number, windings, size of windings, etc., to generate 1200 Kw of electricity. What size of copper wire? Size of magnets? How many? I am really interested on the mathematics of the wind turbine construction.

admin answers:

Hey USA, Bramble is quite correct. You have two issues here. First, design of the generator itself. The number and size of windings has more to do with the frequency of the generator output and the current you expect to carry through the winding. The power output will be a function of the current and the voltage that is generated. Once you have the generator built, and you know what RPM it needs to turn at, then you can get into the gritty part of designing the turbine. Your generator will require a certain amount of horsepower to turn it, and since most wind turbines operate in the 25% efficiency range, you then have to build a unit that can sweep an area and wind speed about 4 times the power output of your generator. 1200 KW by the way is huge, do you mean 1.2kw by chance?

We live in a home that has been powered by the wind and sun for years. Our wind turbine is rated at 900 watts, or .9kw, it’s just big enough to run the house on a windy day. We should have a 1.5kw unit, but for now, we are making due. There are formulas for figuring power output in watts for a given wind speed, air density and swept area of a wind turbine, the best place to go is the American Wind Energy Associations website. Go to google, type in, “wind turbine power formula,” and look for a link to the AWEA.ORG website, that page has all the math work you’ll need for designing the turbine once you have the generator specs in hand. You’re embarking on a fairly complicated project, I don’t want to dissuade you from trying, but there are a lot of turbines out there for sale today for a whole host of locations and requirements. We tried to build our first one, it ran for 4 minutes. The second one kept burning up regulators because the wind was too strong for it. Our current one is working fine, but still has issues from time to time. Good luck with your project, and take care, Rudydoo

Maria asks…

what is the meaning of rated power in a generator or turbine?

I am considering buying a wind turbine generator and just want to know some of their jargons in order not to be confused

admin answers:

You might look at it as the guaranteed power that the unit can produce on a continuous basis. It should not be confused with the maximum power that can be produced.

Another way to look at it is the rated power is the same as the red line power that a gasoline engine produces.

You need to ask to be sure because in some industries, rated power has a specific definition.

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Your Questions About Wind Generators Ebay

Linda asks…

What machines run off of a DC motor?

I’m working on building a wind turbine and one of the more expensive parts would be the generator that needs to be connected. I need to find a Direct current motor that can put out enough power to charge a 12 volt car battery. I know that you can find them in treadmills, but are there any other common machines that would have one?

admin answers:

Do not attempt to use a car alternator, it will be more hassle than it is worth. What you need is a 12 or more volt permanent magnet dc motor with a low rpm, the lower the rpm the better. The rpm of the motor is the speed at which the motor produces nameplate power. A 12vdc 300 rpm motor will produce 12 volts at 300 rpm where a 12vdc 2700 rpm motor will not produce 12vdc until it reaches 2700 rpm. Permanent mag motors are normally over 90% efficient.
A car alternator is 50-60% efficient AND a car alternator MUST have power BEFORE it can produce power. Ever notice the battery light that comes on when you turn the key on in your car. The reason for that it it is closing the connect and sending power to the diode plate and voltage regulator in the alternator. About 2 volts is sent to “excite” the alternator and allow the field winding and create a resistance so it can start making voltage. Also, idle speed on a car is from 800-1100 rpm, this is where alternator starts producing power, reduced speed lowers power exponential. So at 300 rpm on a car alternator, it will be approx 10% efficient, but then you have to factor in the voltage you have to input to make it work…. So that is a bad choice.
The motor in a treadmill will not support the weight of the blades. The bearings and shaft size is very small, treadmill motors are also a poor choice
Now as far as one laying around, I am sorry but this is one of those things you might have to buy unless you can come across one in old machinery in a barn maybe. Most of the good ones are gone or cost a premium on ebay now.
Take your time and look around, over 50% of the cost of a wind turbine assembly is the motor and electronics to control it. I actually have 90vdc perm mag motor that is 900 rpm. You can spin the shaft by hand and get 16vdc out of it. I have seen them go on ebay for over $600, they are impossible to find these days. However, you can get a 12vdc 300rpm for 100-150 on there.
If that is not something you can do, then as you are looking around remember you want a low speed motor because the wind is not going to be blowing at 40mph everyday and you don’t want to add a gearbox to it just to charge one battery.
One other thing, you might want to check out solar if you are using the battery out doors and have sun in your part of the world. You can build a trickle charge panel on a battery that will extend operating time substantially for about 50-60 bucks and a few hours work.

John asks…

Where is free energy? Magnetic motors, hydrogen motors, perpetual motion generators?

Why is it not on the shelves or in ebay catalogs?

admin answers:

This kind of stuff is still not mass marketed mainly because of skepticism around the world, I have personally found magnetic energy generators to be the best option for alternative energy.

They require no light, no wind or grid electric to even start, and once they are working they don’t stop for years to come.

Many people are unaware that you can easily build your own magnetic energy generator from common easy to find parts.

It’s a shame more people don’t build magnetic energy generators as a device like this could rid us all of the current energy crisis.

Check the source below for more information.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Syndrome

Sandra asks…

If France can, why can’t we?

According to the available data, France currently generates 70% + of its electricity using nuclear power. Yet here in the United States we haven’t broken ground for a new nuclear generating station in decades. We’re still using coal, oil and natural gas to generate electricity.

I can hear all the referneces to Chernobyl and Three Mile Island (TMI). Comparing the Russian reactors at Chernobyl to a then-current U.S. reactor is akin to comparing a skate board to a Ferrari. Our nuclear generating stations are immensely superior in every way to what the Russians built. As regards TMI, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda used it to promote her fantasy movie “The China Syndrome“. To the best of my knowledge there were no deaths as a result of the release at TMI and only minor injuries. The entire event at TMI was blown way out of proportion.

The environmental zealots are constantly attacking using coal, oil and natural gas and the mere mention of nuclear power causes them to hyperventilate and become hysterical.

Their mantra is “Solar power! Wind power! Clean energy! Renewable energy!” While I’ve no argument with using clean energy sources I do doubt the feasibility of their supposed “solutions”. Solar power is great – when the sun is shining. Wind power is wonderful – when the wind is blowing and if you don’t mind killing migratory birds. But what happens with solar power during a period of overcast skies or heavy snow? What if a wind farm has to be shut down due to icing or high winds?

Electricity is not easily stored for future use. Sure, we have batteries but they have their own set of problems. Batteries have to be manufactured and this requires energy, not to mention the environmental impact. Once their service life has expired batteries must be disposed of. Done improperly the result is environmental damage. Wet-cell batteries, like the one in your car, produce harmful fumes and can, under the right conditions, explode. Just think about having your basement full of lead acid batteries to store the electricity from your solar cells or wind turbine – knowing that the fumes being emitted are dangerous and the batteries could explode. Of course you could just do without electricity from dusk to dawn but I doubt we’ll see too many opting for that hardship.

So, in my opinion, we really have little choice except nuclear power generation. Oh, I can hear the howls of the environmentalists now as they babble about “How do we get rid of the spent fuel rods? They will be dangerous for hundreds or even thousands of years.” Obviously France has figured out what to do with their spent fuel rods. Perhaps we should ak them.

I believe that we have the technology to safely store spend fuel rods from nuclear generating stations. Lets look back in time to 1962 when JFK challenged the country to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. Engineering and design back then was done with a slide rule and a pencil. (The average 1996 car had more computing power under its hood than was available to the engineers and designers of the Apollo Project). Just look at bridges and highways built in the 1950’s and ’60’s – and still in use today. I simply refuse to believe that with our technological advances the safe storage of spent fuel rods is beyond our abilities.

As someone who has seen the ravages of strip mining and mountaintop removal I’ve no love for coal-fired generating stations. I’d rather see oil used to produce fuel for vehicles. Natural gas should be used for cooking and home heating.

I spent 3 1/2 years working in the pipe support group at a nuclear generating station construction site back in the ’80’s. Unfortunately, the owner simply ran out of money and the project was abandoned. During construction, the plan was to close 3 dirty coal-fired plants once the nuke went on line. Just think of what that would have done to improve air quality. I saw first-hand the numerous safety measures designed into the plant as well as the near-unbelievable redundancy. One feed water pump (used to supply cooling water to the reactor) was capable of being used to cool both reactors – and each reactor had a primary and reserve feed water pump. That is redundancy.

I believe we need a renewed dedication to nuclear power.

admin answers:

Here is why we can’t: the people who support alternative energy are incredibly ignorant of the costs of producing such alternative energy, and believe in magical thinking–that you can get something for nothing.

For example, solar power from photovoltaic cells is currently incredibly inefficient. Wind turbines take up acres and acres and are incredibly dangerous to birds and the environment. Yet, we see these technologies (which have yet to be practical) promoted and hyped over proven technologies like coal and nuclear.

Ignorant people will talk about how much they fear radiation from a nuclear plant, yet the fact is that burning coal spews out far more radiation. These same people will also deliberately expose themselves to radiation while vacationing at the beach and suntanning.

So the reason we won’t see renewed dedication to nuclear power, no matter how logical and correct your arguments are: Ignorance.

The laws of thermodynamics point out that essentially, you can’t get something for nothing. Increased order in one area is at the cost of increased disorder in another. To make any sort of alternative energy, it has to have a cost, whether that’s huge amounts of land, dead birds, or a contaminated environment. The nice thing about nuclear is that the disorder is incredibly concentrated, and simply requires the desire to deal with spent fuel rods–much easier than cleaning up the entire atmosphere or wasting land that could be used for growing food (or just being forest or grasslands).

You are entirely correct in your arguments, but I don’t hold out much hope for the U.S. Under this administration and the brainwashed population which has been brainwashed into magical thinking.

Susan asks…

windpower turbines kill birds?

So I heard that one of the big reasons against wind turbines is that the huge, massive high-speed propellers are pretty much bird-killing machines. And so what I’m wondering is this: why don’t they put up grills around the propellers to prevent birds flying into them and getting smashed by them? If they’re just thin wire grills, they shouldn’t interrupt the wind blowing into the turbines. Also, it doesn’t make sense that the cost of the grills is an issue, because each turbines must cost a fortune already anyway and adding the price of wire grills shouldn’t even add that much.
Does anyone know why they don’t use this method? Are there other reasons I’m missing?

admin answers:

First, the bigger problem isn’t with birds, it’s with bats, which are crucial to insect control (more so than birds) and already dying by the millions due to white nose syndrome.

Your solution would work, but it isn’t industry-friendly, and would increase construction and maintenence costs.

Right now, these are the main solutions out there:

1. To change the blinking frequency of the FAA mandated lights on top of each turbine. Most birds migrate at night, and they use the stars to navigate. The blinking lights screw up their ability to orient themselves and they fly into the blades. The blades actually rarely physically contact the birds, the vortex created in the air after a blade passes through the space causes instant internal hemorrhaging. The same phenomenon is seen with birds flying in circles around lighted buildings to the point of death by exhaustion, as well as on cruise ships at night.

2. Change the turbine design. Shorter, broader blades reduce the size of the strike area, while cylindrical turbines may eliminate mortality altogether. Http://

3. To turn the turbines so that the blades spin parallel to flyways during migration. Most flyways in North America run from north to south. If the turbines are turned so that they face east or west, this reduces the surface area that a bird can hit while moving through the area.

4. To turn off turbines during peak migration. Obviously this isn’t popular with the industry, but many species migrate through an area en masse within a few days.

All of these changes are easy. Why haven’t they already been implemented? Money and bureaucracy.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators Types

Lizzie asks…

How much wind does a wind turbine need to make energy for a small island?

what would be the best turbine [large or small] to use on a small island that has appriox 128 people. i need to also know how much wind there needs to be for a wind turbine to produce energy. Sources would be nice thanks

admin answers:

As can be seen from the power curves in the first link, there is nothing till about 12km/h wind, then only a small fraction of the maximum power which is reached at around 28km/h. It is important to undertake a proper survey, as wind shear can have a large influence. The Vestas site has advice about planning, but not much detail. Send them an email.

In this kind of situation, with no grid to fall back on, it is usual to have diesel generators running to smooth the load. These are special “low load” types (see the 6th link below). They run on no load when the wind is there, synchronised with the wind generators.

I should warn you that it is easy to convince yourself that a wind system is ok when it isn’t, because you want it to be true. There are all sorts of considerations. It may make sense to have oversized turbines so you still get enough power despite bad wind. What happens when no-one is using power? One or two big ones or lots of smaller ones? You need the turbine manufacturer and/or experienced consultants to help make these decisions with a proper site appraisal. If the trees are all horizontal that is a good start. It should definitely be what most people would think is a windy place, and with steady winds. Solar panels are easier to engineer, perhaps lower risk, but it does depend on where you are too. No clouds in that case. It is not uncommon to have them together, with the low load diesels.

You probably already know the peak power demands from existing power supplies. You should try to factor in for 25 years growth of island power usage too. The figure varies, especially because or airconditioning/heating situation. One could say a typical is 4kWh per house per day. You have to consider community buildings too. This figure takes no account of peak demand anyway. It tells you how much fuel you need for diesel generators.

Vestas is a Danish pioneer in larger wind systems, with some innovative features.
The first link shows power versus wind speed.
The second link also has these for the latest models, look for the brochures. It also gives advice about
The third link has a list of other manufacturers.
The 4th and 5th links have pictures of wind farms with some details that could be helpful for contacts.
The sixth link is about low load diesels.

Susan asks…

How to get prepared to find a job as a wind turbine technician?

I am currently on my last year of A&P school to work on aircraft but in my region of Northeast Indiana, I’m starting to see more and more wind farms popping up. I am considering working on wind turbines and understand the nasty weather, heights and amounts of climbing that job can bring. I’m just not sure if acquiring my A&P could get me the job and the necessary skills for that line of work. Am I ready to start talking to an employer to get in?

admin answers:

Climbing 200 feet is important. Once a year someone has to climb down and hand inspect each blade. Being comfortable working on machinery at 200 feet is required. You don’t climb much in nasty weather, but you will climb to the nacelles in winter.

Most windmills use a induction generator with a back to back inverter. The generator generates power at whatever frequency, and the inverter converts it to 60hz. Being able to trouble shoot this type of equipment is a plus.

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Your Questions About Wind Generators Alaska

Lisa asks…

Should OPEC be allowed to cut supply to raise the raise the price of oil?

First I just want to say if I’m incorrect in my understanding of how this works I would really appreciate being corrected by someone who can explain this fully and accurately.

i heard on the news that OPEC is getting together to discuss cutting output to lower supply so that the price of oil goes up.
If we have to deal with the fluctuations of the market impacting the price we pay for gas, why do they have the ability to make us pay more?

lol dont mind the error in the title 😛

admin answers:

Actually, the real story is much deeper, and has a lot to do with our current Recession. There has been a behind doors deal struck by the puppeteers who pull the strings of all the nations’ leaders, essentially, we are letting them gouge us on oil, but we’re buying it on credit, and at the same time, China and others are buying Our debt, essentially paying for Our oil in exchange for a promise to pay them back later. We did this back in 1910, only we reneged on paying our debts then, and, as the story goes, We will repeat history. This was a dangerous game, with serious consequences. Now, these terrorist nations have amassed incredible wealth, but they are running out of oil. They continue to quote the same amount of oil they had 20 years ago, with No more new discoveries. Many believe our world oil supplies are infinite. The fact is, we, in the U.S., now have more oil in One oil field than the entire Middle East now has. Count our friends, you Canadians up north, and we have lots of oil, though your tar sands cost a lot more to retrieve; our best source uses new technology to get it out of the ground, but it only costs us $16 a barrel (yours is only $35-$45 a barrel to retrieve) for the light sweet crude-the desirable stuff. But we have given a lot of wealth to some dangerous countries, and we owe a lot of money to China (and others), who we really don’t want to make an enemy. China has developed a new technology that turns coal into clean burning oil for around $35 a barrel of oil, and they have 5 giant refineries going up. We have licensed this technology, and are building a refinery 1/6th the size of one of China’s. We passed laws that have limited our Refining capabilities (it was, in reality, meant to keep the oil companies, who own the refineries, quite wealthy; the refinery is the spigot that let’s Us control the supply, just as OPEC is threatening to control the supply they control. There are a lot of rich leeches getting rich off expensive oil/gas at the little guy’s expense, and they want You in the dark about all of what I am telling you. The fact is, with some simple changes in law, we can have all the coal oil we want at $35/barrel, we are currently getting lots at $16 a barrel, you hosers in Canada have plenty at $35 a barrel, and that’s all without touching ANWR in Alaska or offshore, which we can do in an eco friendly way. Basically, the play is to drain the dangerous countries dry, then and only then, do we begin supplying All our own energy needs here. Hybrids will give way to better, cleaner, more powerful Diesel vehicles, and T. Boone Pickens will be putting his Wind Generation Plants while I’ll be launching my more powerful CSP(Concentrated Solar Power) plants here in Sunny, Lovely New Mexico, and supplemental wind turbine and Solar power generators on every house in the proper climate that will get them to near zero consumption, while the CSP Plants will have enough power for the nation…and hey, we may even send a bit up to ya hosers up north, eh?
So, though we’ll never see gas under $2 a gallon, it will return to around that quite soon, and I myself will be in a zero consumption house with a plug in electric car (another project of mine coming up), either one of my own design, or perhaps one of the five that can already leave a porsche in the dust. Power now, cheaper and cleaner power for the future, an electric car (1cent per mile) in every garage, with zero consumption housing, paying for off peak power, selling back at a premium excess generation at peak hours for premium cleaner, renewable energy… heck, they were right….I Should have run for president! :o)~ Or if more people would quit watching MSM (Mainstream Media) and get their news off the internet or other alternative sources, we could have the Greatest President ever entering office within 3 weeks….Ron Paul, Doctor, Representative, and a darn good man. Hey, don’t blame me….I tried to get him elected. Just to keep my conscience clear, I’ll be writing him in as my Candidate…. Maybe if enough people do that, we can end our suffering. He got 28% of the vote here in New Mexico when MSM stated McCain was running opposed, and the final state, Montana, gave him 31%. Do we really want to wait four more years for a chance to get Real change, or can we got off our couches, get out, and write in this great man for President? Go see his at least. Love and Peace.

Jenny asks…

Has the USA shot itself in the foot with over-the-edge environmental laws?

The environmentalists campaign against smokestack industry in the USA has driven these industries and their jobs out of the country to places where environmental laws are less strict.
We cannot even build dams for clean hydroelectric power because it displaces fish. Even wind generated power is fought because the generators are unsightly on the horizon.
We cannot drill for our own oil because it will disturb frozen dirt in Alaska.
Are restrictive envirnomental laws choking our economy?

admin answers:

Not necessarily. The USA is far behind most developed countries in environmental standards, which is disappointing because we have the ability to easily solve our energy problems if we would just commit ourselves to it. I believe we can abide by environmental laws, come up with solutions, and protect the environment. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We don’t have to choose between the earth and the economy like some people make it out to be.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbines Colorado

Sandy asks…

What can we do to combat global warming and save our atmosphere from destruction?

admin answers:

We shut off the hot air coming from the deniers that concocted most of your answers.

The truth is that it is urgent that we take these steps, regardless of global warming. There are
so many ways we are harming the environment.
And they are mostly the same ways we are warming the planet.

Conserve in every way we can.
That is said to be one of the biggest improvements we can make.

Enact national policies that encourage investment in alternative energy.

Limit destruction of forests. Improve logging practices. It can be done more sustainably. Use hemp to make paper and other products.
Too much deforestation is for making paper.
Bamboo is more sustainable than trees, also.

Use farm waste to harness methane, thereby limiting a greenhouse gas,and producing energy at the same time.

“Wild Rose Dairy in Webster Township, WI is home to an innovative renewable energy facility powered by cow manure and other organic waste. The farm is home to 900 dairy cows, and an on-site anaerobic digester creates methane-rich biogas from their waste, which is used to generate 750 kilowatts of electricity per hour—enough to power 600 local homes 24/7.”


“The gas produced by Huckabay will be shipped via the Enterprise natural gas pipeline to the Lower Colorado River Authority, which has agreed to purchase the RNG® output of
up to 2,000 mmbtu per day through September 2008, pursuant to a purchase agreement. Beginning October 2008, the plant output will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric under a 10 year
agreement.” from the website of Environmental Power. They have four of these on large farms in the California Central Valley.

Build a mainly solar electric grid, which is feasable right now and economical. Solar thermal and concentrating PV power plants in the southwest could power the entire country with current technology at competitive prices with coal and gas.
Scientific America Solar Grand Plan

“Solar thermal power plants such as Ausra’s generate electricity by driving steam turbines with sunshine. Ausra’s solar concentrators boil water with focused sunlight, and produce electricity at prices directly competitive with gas- and coal-fired electric power.”

“All of America’s needs for electric power – the entire US grid, night and day – can be generated with Ausra’s current technology using a square parcel of land 92 miles on a side. For comparison, this is less than 1% of America’s deserts, less land than currently in use in the U.S. For coal mines.” from Ausra’s website

More wind farms.

More efficient cars and trucks.

Use parasails for power assist on cargo ships. We already have this ability to save 10-30% of their fuel costs, with an investment per ship of about $250,000. Large dry bulk ships lease at over $100,000 a day, so this is chump change for shipping companies. These parasails provide 6,800hp of auxilary power.


Rely more on rail rather than trucks for much of our overland freight. It is much more fuel efficient.

Somehow manage to become less of a consumerism society and economic system. Which might mean learning contentment, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Consumerism is really an aberation from real capitalism. It is extremely wasteful.
To see a short video about how consumerism works in our world.

This is an obviously left leaning video, but whether you’re conservative or liberal, you’ll see a lot of truth in it.

Linda asks…

How do you feel about the current gas prices?

Does it seem like the “war” is against US citizens- being forced to make corporate top brass record profits? If our “war” is to look out for the best interest of the US- then shouldn’t we be “fighting” corporate rip-offs of the American public- S-n-L Scandal- Enron- Oil- etc.?

admin answers:

There are a number of things that can be done about gas prices. The problem is that there are political, environmental, and legal issues that would have to be overcome to make it happen.

First, we need to reduce dependence on imported oil. As a world wide commodity, changes in oil demand anywhere in the world will impact our prices here. We could reduce oil imports by increasing the use of ethanol. Currently something like 25% of the US corn crop goes to this. However, the downside is that this takes corn out of the stockpile for food (both human and animal feed), which is currently causing famine to break out around the world. We could expand domestic supply, but hat means drilling for oil off the Gulf coast and in a part of ANWAR, which has environmentalists up in arms.

Second, we could improve the distribution of fuel in the US. Currently, there are dozens of gas blends, all mandated by law. It is a tricky thing to supply just enough of each blend, as you cannot use a blend intended for, say, Colorado, in California. So if California goes in need, oil companies cannot shift inventory, they have to shut down refineries, make adjustments, and make more of the California blend. This is a wasteful and expensive process. Far better to have a single blend that all the states can agree on that would allow the fluidity needed in the market. But this is going to be difficult to impossible as the states want THEIR blend and will fight any kind of Federal mandate.

Third, I think we need to encourage those things which will get us away from oil consumption. Not much oil is used for electricity generation, but it can and should be replaced by more efficient, cleaner sources. But nuclear, coal, solar, wind, and hydroelectric all have their own problems as well and each industry will fight hard for their slice of the pie. Most oil is used for vehicle fuel. We need to move to more efficient vehicles and alternative fuel / hybrids, but they are often more expensive than gasoline powered vehicles and some alternate power sources do not have the power necessary for today’s driving. Research needs to be done in fuel cell technology, advanced batteries, and efficient (and safe) hydrogen generation.

I think too many people focus on one thing (conservation, more oil drilling, whatever) and think that alone will solve our problem. They are wrong. It will take a comprehensive approach were everyone will have to give a little for the greater good. Rep. Kennedy is going to have to sacrifice some of his coastal view in MA for wind turbines. Oil companies are going to be allowed to develop domestic sources. States are going to have to grant the feds the power to set uniform fuel standards. This is a lot to ask for, but this and more is what it will take. Anything less then an across the board rethinking of our energy policy will be like slapping a band-aid on a cut artery; just too little to be effective. And if it is ineffective, then expect the President of Iran to be correct when he says that oil is a strategic resource that needs to find its true (and in his mind MUCH higher) price. This is the guy that thinks $200 a barrel for oil is not unreasonable.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators Manufacturers

Sandra asks…

What is the Ram Air Turbine(RAT) in aircraft? When and what is it used for?

I saw a photo of a Boeing 777-300 going around with the RAT deployed. Can anyone please tell me why it is required during a go around?

admin answers:

A main generator and or an APU failure could trigger an “auto deploy” on that aircraft. If the aircraft is in air mode but really on the ground an external power failure could do it too. Look out because it is not small! :0

A ram air turbine (RAT) is a small propeller and connected hydraulic pump, or electrical generator used as an emergency power source for aircraft. In case of the loss of both primary and auxiliary power sources the RAT will power vital systems (flight controls, linked hydraulics and also flight-critical instrumentation). Some RATs produce only hydraulic power, that is then used to power electrical generators.

Modern aircraft generate power through the main engines or an additional fuel-burning turbine called an auxiliary power unit, which is often a small tail-mounted turbine engine. The RAT generates power from the airstream due to the speed of the aircraft, and if aircraft speeds are low the RAT will produce less power. In normal conditions the RAT is retracted into the fuselage (or wing), deploying automatically in emergency power loss. In the time between power loss and RAT deployment, batteries are used.

Some manufacturers call them ADG”s (Air Driven Generators), and some run a reverse system called a HMG (hydraulic motor generator) which has a similar function but achieves it in a different way. Sorry wiki didn’t have an article about that 🙁 maybe I will write one!

In a controlled field, the local controller may instruct the pilot to go around if there is an aircraft, vehicle or object on the runway or some other unsafe condition. In both controlled and uncontrolled fields, the pilot in command may decide to go around at any time, for example if the aircraft is not lined up or configured properly for a safe landing; an aircraft, vehicle or other object has not cleared the runway; no landing clearance was received (in a controlled field); the landing gear is not properly extended; a dangerous meteorological condition is experienced on final approach (e.g. Poor visibility, excessive cross-winds, etc.); or some other unsafe condition is detected.

Flights conducted under instrument flight rules, including all airline traffic, refer to “executing the missed approach” rather than going around. The maneuver itself is the same, but the pilot instead follows a pre-defined navigational “missed approach” sequence, published on the approach chart, instead of entering a circuit or pattern. Absent further instructions from the controller, a missed approach sequence directs an aircraft around traffic patterns and terrain into a safe place to begin a holding pattern.


Charles asks…

How do they get wind powered electricity to city/power grid?

I am curious of how they get the electricity produced by a windmill or even solar panel to a city or a city’s power grid or city’s electric plant. I know obviously they have to send it via wires underground but does anyone have more info on the process like installation, how the electric system (how they send electricity to a grid with out over loading it.

admin answers:


Wind Energy FAQ
What do I need to know to purchase a residential wind turbine?
Will my utility allow me to hook up a wind generator?

Federal regulations (specifically, the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, or PURPA) require utilities to connect with and purchase power from small (less than 80 MW) wind energy systems. A wind turbine manufacturer should be able to help arrange the required utility company approvals.

See State-by-State small wind information for lists of interconnection requirements for many U.S. States.

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Your Questions About Wind Generators Home Use

James asks…

How big a generator do I need to run the essentials for a home, including a well pump?

We are wanting to purchase a generator for emergenices, but how big do we need one to be? I am especially interested in the running of our well pump for water (we are in a rural area). What type of generator would work best? Are there solar alternatives?

admin answers:

The smallest I would recommend is 5000 watts. This should be enough to operate the well pump, small cooking appliances, lights, television, fridge, etc. Power will be limited and you will have to be careful not to overload the generator. I power my house with a 5500 watt generator. You should also consider installation of a proper transfer switch and be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Read through my generator page listed below for more information.

If your main goal is to power the well pump solar or wind are not feasible. The power requirements are simply too high. It may be an option to supplement your electrical consumption for other smaller loads however.

Betty asks…

How can do I make a home made electric generator?

I will like to know how I can make a home made electric generator. I know you can buy them today for cheap but I tought it would be a fun project.

admin answers:

I’m not sure from your question what you want to make, the generator itself or a system that generates power?

The generator itself would be very difficult for home production. Take apart a car alternator or starter motor (which would work as a generator) and see whats involved. Using these same items to generate power from another source such as wind is perfectly reasonable to do with directions how available on the Internet.

Having said that, if you just wanted to make something that worked but wasn’t actually practical, take a look at the link
This would work as an ac generator if the ends of the wire wound on the cork were connected to some type of collector ring and brushes and the needle turned by something

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Technician Salary

Michael asks…

Which job pays more? cell tower technician or wind turbine technician?

admin answers:

The average salary for both jobs is $36,000. Salaries will vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

Charles asks…

Windmill Jobs or Wind Power Jobs?

How can someone get wind power jobs working on the windmills made by GE? I have seen commercials and read about them in the local paper saying how these new green jobs pay well and are the fastest growing job market in the US but I don’t know what it takes to get a job with General Electric working on their windmills. I am looking for more info about what I need to do to get a wind industry job. Any info about what I could expect as a salary would also be appreciated.

admin answers:

Windmill jobs are growing in demand and what you can make as a yearly salary in the wind industry depends on your specific job. Wind Technicians, also called a wind tech is someone who repairs and maintains windmills (Wind Turbines) and they make over $80,000 per year. These positions require some technical knowledge and this can be gained by going through an accelerated wind tech training course like California Wind Tech or AEI. If I was you I would do some more research by visiting:
AEI’s website

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators For Home Use

Lisa asks…

Should we have little windmills on our homes instead of solar penals?

In winter, when we want warm water, there is none because solar penals only work when the sun is strong. In summer, when we use less warm water, we waste a lot because solar penals are working overtime. This technology is stupid, unreliable and extremely costly in winter. Would little wind mills on our homes be more efficient?

Is there any way pedal power could conduct electricity? We’re the world’s fattest nation so if we could transfer energy into our homes from say an exercise bike if this is possible? Wouldnt that be good?

admin answers:

I assume by solar panels, you are talking about solar water heating. I can tell you for a fact, they work great in the winter heating my water. I have 2 feet of snow on the ground in Massachusetts, USA, and I had 160 degree F water coming from the panels yesterday when I checked. Systems that are correctly sized will provide 100% of your hot water in the summer, and 50% in the winter. So your backup heater only has to work half of the time in the winter, and never in the summer. There is nothing stupid, costly, or unreliable about that.

Wind turbines need to be 30 feet above any obstacle within 300 feet. That includes your house. So you would need a very tall tower if you don’t have a lot of land to keep it away from the house. You also need to have at least 10 mile per hour windspeed average to make the expense of a wind turbine worth while. For houses that meet that criteria, wind can be a great option. But most houses do not.

There are generators that run off an exercise bike. I’ve heard of parents only letting their kids watch TV if they are powering it by bike. I love it. But they don’t generate enough power to run much else.

Sandra asks…

Q. How the electricity is produced by using wind power?

Please describe in details how do the whole mechanisms work? How it is developed? What apparatus is required? How the wind turbine is constructed and how it works? Explain me all questions by using 3d figures or images or video if available. Please guide me in the easiest way as much as possible; I want to make electricity for my home by using wind power or wind turbines what should I do? How can I achieve or construct it myself?

admin answers:

It goes back to the concept of a current carrying conductor cutting the lines of flux in a magnetic field, just like any other generator rotated by any prime mover.

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Your Questions About Wind Generators

Helen asks…

How many solar panels with one wind generator would you need to power a pop up?

I am looking at buying a pop up and would like to make it run off of deep cycle batteries but charging these batteries I would like to use a combination of solar panels and 1 wind generator. How many batteries would I need how many solar panels and what wind generator should I buy. I would be powering the lights an fridge and sometimes a AC or Heater.

I live in west Texas where it never rains and its always windy

admin answers:

Hope it’s not cloudy without wind for a while, you’ll be left with warm food and darkness.

An air conditioner/heater would be such a huge load on the system, wind/solar most likely don’t make sense for an individual, unless you’re on a lake or in California where it’s sunny everyday.

You would need around 200 W for a fridge, 100 W for small lights, and….500 W (?) for heating/air….so you’re looking at some pretty big batteries!! Every 2 hours you will use at least 1.5 kWh of energy.

Jenny asks…

Whats the best motor to use to convert into a 6v wind generator?

Whats the best motor to use to convert into a 6v wind generator?

admin answers:

From your other questions, it appears that you want to set up a demonstration to power a small motor with the wind generator. Your 1.5 – 3V motor is probably a permanent magnet DC hobby motor. It would probably be best to use an identical motor for your wind generator. If you use something that is very much larger, you may need a larger wind turbine and more wind than you expect to need. If you want something that is just a little larger, you might look for a slightly larger motor that is similar to the one you want to power.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbines Colorado

Nancy asks…

Is it possible to change a desert climate to a more greener and cooler climate?

I have few ideas such as using several large fountains in series that shoot sea water into the air hundereds of meters to cool the surrounding area. This may effect the dessert climate in a way that it may start to eventually cool the atmosphere and bring in cool air currents. The fountains would take seawater from the nearby seas that surround a particular country and by using gas turbine pumps send the water high into the atmosphere. There would be a byproduct of this process in that it will create seawater lakes that may also contribute to cooling the local area.

Also, as the water falls it will draw in cooler upper atmoshpere air similar to what happens in rain squals when wind is generated by the falling rain drops.

admin answers:

That is an interesting concept. It might actually work if things get terribly desperate.

It would require a tremendous amount of energy to do that so I fear even if it would work the cost would overrule the benefits.
Besides the jets of water being blasted high into the air would be a hazard to airplanes. Heh heh heh. Imagine, flooded engines at 30,000 feet!
The high altitude jets of water might provide sufficient cooling to cause a drop in temperatures but the salt would get blown far and wide and could cause a great deal of trouble. Crops can’t grow in salty soil and who knows how far the wind might carry it?

Deserts are extremely dry and would rapidly absorb most of the water pumped into any lakes. That would provide some cooling but I fear not enough.

One approach that has been shown to work is to build machinery to remove the salt and pump the water directly to areas of the desert where crops can be grown by using slow drip irrigation. Trees and plants can grow right in the area where the water is fed in a constant drip. The shade from the trees would provide some cooling effect. The time is coming when more countries will have to make the move to that system to feed their people.

Even California in the U.S. May have to do that because they have far more people than they have water for. California pays farmers NOT to use water from the Colorado river so they can have it for their cities!!

That could certainly benefit Mexico and many countries in Africa.

I like that you are thinking about the problem. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Every idea has some merits and eventually with enough ideas we can solve any problem that doesn’t involve human nature.

Keep those creative thoughts flowing, practice makes perfect…..

Linda asks…

what are the three least used energy sources in the world?

is it ,
hydroelectricity, wind and what ?
i forgot my textbook at school

admin answers:

Geothermal. This is because one needs a volcanic region for the geysers to drive the turbines. Iceland has lots of them and this makes Hydrogen cheap enough to use as a fuel. This makes Hydrogen fuel also very rarely used. Generating the electricity needed to produce this gas from water takes enormous amounts of energy. Solar power is not used domestically in America because of all the lobbying done by coal and petroleum companies to limit its development, but the Europeans use it quite a lot. There also has not been a nuclear power plant built in America for decades because of the public fear of nuclear accidents. Again, the Europeans use this form of energy generation extensively, especially the French. Hydroelectric generation is limited only by the presence of rivers to dam. The colorado river is dammed in many places and China’s three gorges damn is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. American lobbyists also had an initial negative impact on wind power, but the sheer efficiency of a turbine makes them a viable power source, no matter whether they are a visual isore or not.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators For Home

George asks…

How many gallons of OIL does it take to make ONE Wind Turbine?

It takes 8 gallons of oil to produce ONE TIRE. Can you imagine all the oil it would take to build one of those enormous Wind Turbines? How many gallons would it take to make a solar panel- when both combined only produce 2% of what we really need. Its BS!

The real reason govt is banning Edison bulbs is they are too cheap and GE can’t make profits so they will force us to buy those squiggly bulbs filled with MERCURY paying like 7 bucks for one BULB!

admin answers:

Hey Soros, it isn’t BS, I’ll explain. This issue of, “Embodied energy,” keeps coming up again and again, but for some reason, it only seems to apply to solar and wind. Nobody ever questions how much oil it takes to build a coal fired electric plant, or a nuclear one. For some reason, it’s as if it doesn’t matter.

First, there have been studies done on the embodied energy requirements for various renewable energy devices. Solar panels generally take between 1.5 and 6 years to, “earn back,” their embodied energy. The range has to do with where the silicone was first mined, then refined, and how far the panel had to be shipped before final installation. Almost all panels today are warrantied for at least 25 years, and generally they last much longer than this. For wind turbines, the timeline is actually a bit shorter, 2 – 4 years, but it is a little harder to get an exact number on because they come in such a range of sizes. The largest solar panels don’t measure much over about 300 watts, one person could actually carry it back to their remote cabin on foot. Most wind turbines do not have this option. But in the end, none of this matters.

Electricity has been around for over a century now, so it isn’t going away anytime soon. The question is, “What is the best way to produce it?” Let’s say you took a modern wind turbine powerful enough to run a small neighborhood, maybe 25 KW. Then you put it along side a similar sized natural gas fired turbine generator. Which device earns back its embodied energy sooner? Turns out the natural gas turbine never does. We forget that once you invest the energy to build, ship and install a gas powered generator, you now have to keep feeding it natural gas for the rest of its life, so in the end it keeps digging itself a deeper and deeper embodied energy hole that it can never crawl out of. At least the wind turbine will get even some day, and later will be some distance ahead environmentally. The same is true for coal, oil and yes, even uranium.

As far as the government banning something so the producer can stop making something that offers them no profit, I can assure you if GE, Sylvania or Phillips did not make profits on incandescent bulbs, they would stop making them without the governments input on the matter. You can buy into whichever consipiracy you like, but if you have not taken the time to write your congressperson on the matter, then the decisions in this world will be made without your input. We’ve been pining for an end to those old energy hog bulbs for years, and now it looks like it might happen. Did you know when you turn on a 100 watt incandescent light, 96 watts are converted to heat, and the other 4 are converted to light? Each watt of input equates to 3.35 BTU’s of heat, so that 100 watt bulb is also adding over 300 BTU’s of heat to your home. If you are running an air conditioner, it will have to work that much harder to cool your home, so now you are wasting energy at the bulb, and again at the compressor. This is why those squiggly little bulbs can pay for themselves in half the time in an air conditioned home. You might now be thinking that using those old bulbs is an excellent way to heat your home? It would cost exactly the same as running an electric heater to do the job, this is why most people use natural gas or oil to do the job, it costs less.

Like Roderick, we power our home with the wind and sun. We’ve been doing it for about 11 years now. I really couldn’t tell you exactly how much energy our equipment makes, but our electric bills come in at about 5 – 10 dollars a month now, so I know we are getting ahead. Making your own electricity is not for everyone, it requires expensive equipment and some TLC over time. Some people grow their own tomatoes even though it might be cheaper to buy them at the store, for them it’s a hobby, we just grow electrons in our garden. While we may not get our cash investment back over time, I know we are getting our energy investment back, and will again and again as time goes on. There are some excellent websites you can check out on the subject, I’ll list some below. Take care, Rudydoo

Maria asks…

How do I power a lighting fixture with a wind turbine?

I don’t need a lecture on the wonders of “green energy”, the benefits, blah, blah, blah. I am not hooking up to the “power grid” and I really don’t care about the “community”. I want a nuts and bolts answer. I’m making a small vertical spin wind turbine, and I just want to power one or two security lights. No, I don’t want to use solar power, too unreliable. What kind of generator and voltage regulator do I need? Do I need storage batteries? Wiring? Etc. Thanks!

admin answers:

Sorry, but wind insn’t any more reliable than solar, and a lot of the same problems apply.
Your turbine set-up needs to gather/store enough energy to run your lights for the night.
For a home-built set-up, your best bet is an automotive alternator/regulator and batteries.
Use a 12V. Controller and lamps, and save the expense of an inverter.

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Your Questions About Wind Generators For Home Use For Sale

Laura asks…

Are you for actual ‘American Independence’?

Are you embarrassed when you see our leaders [representing you] ‘bowing down’ to countries like Saudi Arabia? Take a look at the following story. I live in Ga. so this hits fairly close to home for me but this is a scenario that is being played out across the country.

Governor Sanford Announces Opposition to Coal-Fired Plant
Columbia, S.C. – February 11, 2009 – Governor Mark Sanford today announced his opposition to a proposed coal-fired power plant to be built by Santee-Cooper in Florence County, saying that projections related to the need for the plant need to be revisited, along with the potential for harm to the state’s environment.

“Everyone involved agrees that building this coal-fired plant is a short-term solution to bridge the gap between now and the time more nuclear capacity comes online,” Gov. Sanford said. “We have a great deal of respect for many of the decision makers in this process and many of the advocates who have pushed so hard for this plant to be built. To that end, I’d single out O.L. Thompson for his leadership of Santee Cooper, and given what’s at stake here I’d thank him in particular for his thoughtful approach to everything he works on.

“In that same vein, I’d respectfully suggest that the environmental community be equally thoughtful in making a choice. It’s simply not realistic to suggest that neither coal nor nuclear is acceptable, because like it or not, one or the other must come our way as our state grows over time. To that end, I’d ask the environmental community to indeed embrace nuclear power as an alternative to the coal-fired plant proposal, for the advantages it has in terms of cleaner emissions.”

Governor Sanford laid out four broad concerns about the coal-fired plant proposal:

– Construction and operating costs – On Friday, the Obama Administration said it intended to reverse Bush Administration policies related to not capping mercury emissions, with action carbon dioxide emissions expected to follow. Those forthcoming caps have not yet been factored in to the cost of building and operating the plant. For this reason on Monday, Nevada Power canceled plans for a $5 billion coal fired plant in that state.

– Pollution – The proposed plant would have a significant negative impact on air quality and increase mercury pollution. The plant would emit the equivalent of 2.3 million cars in carbon dioxide yearly, and nearly 15 million cars’ worth of particulate matter.

– Growth projections – Given Santee Cooper’s overall decrease in power sold last year and a statewide slowdown in new home construction, the growth projections that showed the need for the plant need to be revisited.

– Coal prices – Unpredictability in the global commodities market may make the coal needed to run the plant more expensive than originally anticipated.


Joel Sawyer
Communications Director
Office of Gov. Mark Sanford
(803) 734-5254 – work
(803) 446-6713 – cell
(803) 734-6447 – fax

(end of article)

So..There are several forces at work here
Environmental groups including Al Gore and Co.

Obama administration / agenda.

A state governor who [to my amazement] is basing his decision ‘in part’ on a bet Against Future Growth in his state. (what does this pessimistic attitude say about us?)

Feel free to add to this list.

IMO..The time for a half azzed approach to energy independence is long gone. Let’s get in gear and enlist the private sector to Make Coal Plants Cleaner! We have LOTS of coal so let’s get the damned things built! Same with the Nuclear Plants. If the wishy-washy French can do it then what about the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! As we speak the Obama administration is pushing to put More taxes and Restrictions on the production and sale of Natural Gas! This is one area which shows real promise because of huge new deposits that have been found On Our Soil in the past few years.

Isn’t it time to get in gear and stop playing games with our Independence? Can’t means Don’t Want To!
(( I understand that the Governor is making a choice to focus on nuclear based on budget constraints and long term advantages but if we are serious about this then we need to take advantage of All viable at home! ))
I hear ya,that 10 year goal for ‘alternatives’ sounds good on paper but the problem is we’re walking across a field of diamonds to find a few ‘possible’ gold nuggets!
Edge1: What’s up Bro? All the more reason to keep the damned feds out of you state business! What’s good for New York may not work in Vegas.
Looks like the Irish are fired up today!
cons/mom: I heard it and I remember it well!
UGOT2B: Amen!
Libertarian Soul: I’m not knocking Sanford here. He’s fighting a hydra-headed monster!
Ol’Foolosifer/Edge1: What about this combination? Nuclear for major cities. In rural ares take advantage of what we have in abundance..sunshine and natural gas. Each home could have solar panels and each community could have a generation station of generators run off of natural gas. Here in Ga. some counties invested in deep water wells as a back-up in case of a drought and sure enough we just went through one and those counties were sitting pretty!

You know the feds hate this idea..too much independence for us is bad for them!
Canam: “His opposition to this coal plant does indeed have gore and obama written all over it”

Thank you. That’s the first thing that jumped out at me. He’s being Black-mailed!
Sash: I saw the replay of that speech today. You can see why they hate him and Coulter so much. That truth stuff is scary to them.
blue: My condolences. I forgot you live in RINOland. I have family out there and ther’re ready to storm the castle walls! I’ve noticed you have a very good memory and you’re ON them every step of the way. Keep your doors locked and be alert. They may decide you’re a good lobotomy candiidate. I’m not giving up on trying to convince you to trade in that framing hammer for a S&W revolver.
Dropshort: Believe it or nt AL GORE has hi sticky fingers in that too! They’re worried that it’ll disrupt the mating habbits of some damned desert rat or some such critter. No I’m not kidding!
John: I’m with ya!
neurotic: He is big on that pie in the sky crap isn’t he. It’s time do the business or get off the pot!

admin answers:

While I’ll admit that coal fire power is a pollutant, at this present time we could use it to boost the grid and lower costs of power. The problem is, it takes longer to build a nuke plant and more safeties must be in place. I believe in using what we must as a stop gap until the Green Industry catches up and this could take several years to do.
True Solar power would be best as far as emissions are concerned, but this is also more expensive to set up and when there is no sun shine for several days this could be a problem.
When Con-Edison first started up, each neighborhood had their own generators, which covered a certain area. This agenda could be used again with the solar idea and by doing so, could reduce costs to those in their areas if they would also set up solar panels to help in producing their own power and if any was not used it could be diverted into the grid and help the other areas.
I believe through a system of wind, coal, nuclear, solar and even water powered generators we could produce much more than we need, by combining the grids of each.

Edit: If I could find a way to run my house without the need of any outside influence I would build a high fence around it of stone and secede from the union. Welcome to the free nation of Liberty!

Mandy asks…

Californians! Are you furious?

In the midst of the highest unemployment rate, foreclosures, well lets face it… a depression, we just got soaked with huge tax increases for the right to breathe in this over-bloated state. Here is a calculator to see how it will affect you!…

I am so mad I am ready to blow, any one else care to comment on this mess?

admin answers:

I am so outraged that I spent the morning emailing the governator and our representatives in Sacto. I have been plaguing them with emails since this budget debaucle began, but this is the worst possible outcome! It really irritates me that they reached into the pockets of those of us who are still hanging on to our jobs and homes, but can barely keep ourselves from falling off the proverbial financial cliff. We have seen increases in food, electric, water, trash collection to the tune of 30-35% in the last year, losses of 35-40% in our home values, IRAs, 401ks and investment accounts and our wages have been stagnant or barely able to keep up with the increases in health care premiums or co-pays. In order to pay the increased personal income tax, we will have to save every dime of the $13 in federal stimulus and will still owe about $1300 to the state. In addition, the increase in vehicle license fees, sales taxes and other provisions will only serve to slow down purchases because consumers will tighten the purse strings even more. What burns me most is that they never even discusses suspending free services for the education, health care, social services or welfare to anchor babies of illegals. There is a huge sigh of relief in the illegal alien community that at least they will not be affected by the income tax increases while they still retain their free benefits while all of us taxpaying suckers get less government services and huge tax increases. Even my avatar is red faced with the passage of this budget! Did you notice, they basically snagged everything we could have gotten that might have benefitted us from the fed? We won’t be able to take advantage of purchasing energy efficient appliances, solar panels, wind generators, new cars and can’t even spend our stimulus because we will owe it to the state.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Cost

Helen asks…

Why is wind power better than any other type of alternative energy?

I’m learning about alternative energy and I loved wind power the most. I wanted to know more about it. If you can give me names of companies that install wind turbines,the cost, and why it is better than any other alternative energy you could be the best answer and you can give me extra information too .

admin answers:

First, it is good but I don’t know if it is better that solar.

Guascor Group is a company that manufactures and install wind turbines, bio mass, solar panels and more.


Gamesa was the second biggest company in the world installing wind turbines and has produced electricity comparable to 2.5 million tons of oil at some point. Then the chinese started making wind mills.

Interesting thing, this two companies are in the same town. That mus be like the world capital of wind mills.


Charles asks…

How to make an easy wind turbine?

I want to lower my mom’s electric bill, she is on a set income… Does anyone know how to build a easy wind turbine to cut that cost?

admin answers:

Visit for instructions on how to hook up a wind turbine.

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators For Sale

Sharon asks…

Will solar & wind power ever be cost effective on a large without government subsidies?

admin answers:

Not only cost effective, but profitable to the participants.
I am currently (no pun) building a wind turbine generator, for under $500. I had to buy a welder (got a deal) and if it works out, I’ll be building more of them, for sale.
If you have the proper type of electric meter outside your home, it will run backwards as you generate your own electricity, if you generate more than you use. Thus, you can actually make money doing this. If you end up with an electric vehicle and charge it at home…
You get the picture.
Here’s a search results page for this, called “Distributed Generation”——-
The wind turbine generator:
Check it out. They also have a 20 foot diameter version for greater output (more involved, more costly initially) that I may build later on.
I also have plans for a personal solar-trough type generator
that involves a closed-circuit water/steam system.

Richard asks…

where can I purchase small wind generator ( suitable for bunglow) in Maharashtra?

admin answers:

Hello,our company shenzhen bazhentu are selling that,you may contact our sales manager directly by msn
Her phone:0086-15574832263

1000w wind turbine

Application range:Small water pump system, power supply for home daily use on island, in rural area, remote area, wind-solar hybrid system on farmland, grassland; for navigation tower and frontier sentry..

Other opponents:tower, battery set, solar panel, controller for solar panel, cable wires, storage cabinet (optional), inverter (for AC load), ect…

Color: White
Net Weight: 45 KG
Gross Weight: 64 KG
Blades Material: Reinforced Nylon
Starting Wind Speed(m/s):3.0m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed(m/s):3.0m/s
Rated Wind Speed(m/s):11.5m/s
Safe Wind Speed(m/s):50m/s

1. High efficiency which eauals the trditonal 800W wind generator.
2. Renewable energy could get government budget subsidies.
3. Energy Saving & Pollution Reduction
4. Cost cutting compared with traditional power generating set
5. Around 15 years of life span
6. Complementarily use with solar energy

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