Your Questions About Wind Turbine Jobs

Richard asks…

How can I make money and make a difference?

If I had the money, I would purchase and give away solar panels and wind turbines to anyone that wanted them. Can anyone think of a way to get funds to do this?

admin answers:

To answer your huge question, I ask it to you back: How have other’s done this? About money, which I know about…real estate investing is the usual path. You cannot ever get “rich” from any kind of job. The smallest commercial real estate deal is over $1 million, buy typically in the 10’s of millions. (See the loopnet link) To buy this small old office building is $4.5 million. But look at the rents! It brings in over $300,000 a year net, and that rent will grow at over 3% a year. In 10 years, you would have gotten enough rent to pay for this project, and your rental income will have grown to $450,000 a year. And this is just from one little typical example I found for you. You could do this deal, if you had about 30% of the price.

You then use this rental income, and the equity from your owned office building, and then buy another….do this for about 25 years, and you will be RICH. It really works.

Others start out with residential homes. It is easier to get into your first deal with a house. But residential is more difficult to keep growing…every new rental house is just as much trouble as the last one. I suggest that you begin moving to the commercial side as soon as your bank will let you get a commercial loan. You can grow to ever larger commercial projects. You will also meet and get to know very interesting people in this business.

Now, your other question, about “making a difference”. Again, what do other very rich philantropist do? Bill Gates is the richest man in America, and does he give away windmills? No. He is much more concerned with disease and arts. Warren Buffet is another of the worlds richest men, and he is teaming up with Bill Gates! Isn’t that amazing. No free windmills or solar panels from either of these very rich men.

To try and give you an idea of how “rich” rich is….lets look at Wikipedia. Warren Buffet is worth over $50,000,000,000. Yes, that is a tremendous number. IF he only bought bonds with that, he would make tax free about 5% a year, or $250 million a year, just in interest! Of course, he can and does much better than 5 % a year….so he is really making even more than that, which means he could buy a windmill with ONE day’s income. But he doesn’t. I wonder why?

The last link for you is an interesting article about the fraud in the “windfarm business”. As an engineer, I can also tell you that wind turbines are a poor source of “free” power. The “payback” time is almost infinity. You add up how much total energy you used to build and install and maintain the windmill, and then divide by how much real useful power you get out of it….and you get large numbers….which means it is a terrible investment.

Solar panels are worse! They dont usually pay back for themselves. Yes, the best new types, in perfect conditions will, see link.

I am sorry to bring you this bad news. But there are real reasons the richest men of the world are not rushing into this whole “green energy” myth.

Maria asks…

What are the growing jobs in America right now with this downturn economy?

I realize that environmental jobs, solar manufacturing, wind turbine construction, etc. anything else?

admin answers:

Bankruptcy attorneys

Clean-up crews for foreclosed properties

Blight Control Officers for cities

Loss Mitigation people at banks..

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