Your Questions About Wind Turbine Jobs

David asks…

Do you think that the Energy and Climate Change Bill has a chance of passing the Senate?

I really hope so, because the Gulf Spill shows we need to find new sources of Energy.

This Bill will also create millions of jobs, by getting factories in the business of creating wind turbines.

I hope we do not let the Oil Companies win, because they want us depended on oil forever.

admin answers:

I hope so, but with the senate republicans plan to stall during kagan’s confirmation and the need for immigration reform (thanks AZ for forcing that to the top of the list- aholes) there is a lot to get done, and with republicans unprecedented obstruction its a tall order to get all that done.

I notice your first responder, Mr Bong, brings up the fake climate change denial report from Spain funded by america’s larger polluter. Not a real credible report Mr Bong.

Ken asks…

How do I get involved in Wind Energy?

I am interested in supplying and installing wind turbines in Michigan. How do I get started?

admin answers:

The best way would be to try to get a job with the company that will be operating them (power company). To get a job with them, you will need some skills either mechanical or electrical. An engineering degree would be best but if you have knowledge of industrial equipment (coupling alignment, stretching bolts, mechanical seals) that could also get you in the door.

The alternative route would be to go through the construction company installing the units. If you could get a job with them as either an electrician or millwright, that could be your foot in the door.

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