Your Questions About Wind Turbine Generators Types

Steven asks…

What is the minimum pressure required (in bars) for the working of a wind turbine ?

I want to know the minimum pressure that is required for the movement of a wind turbine blade. Detailed answer would be more helpful. If there are any websites that help me in finding my answer, I would be more helpful. Thanking You……….

admin answers:

It is the velocity of the wind, rather than barometric pressure which drives the turbine. Design of the turbine set (generator and turbine) which determine the wind speed necessary for operation.

Google WIND TURBINE DESIGN for a lot of information. On different types of wind turbines.

Donna asks…

is it legal to wire a new wind turbine through an existing outlet?

in Ontario is it legal to grid connect a wind turbine through an existing outlet in a commercial building? following all safety precautions, and maybe using a j-box? Just seeing if we can save some money on wire

admin answers:

My guess would be no. Aside from having to be in phase you would also have to have some type of service disconnect between the wind turbine generator and the outlet. If you didn’t there would be nothing to protect anything else on that line from an overload.

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