Your Questions About Wind Generators For Boats

Lizzie asks…

Which wind turbines do barges & some yachts use for power?

I see barges, canal boats & occasionally small yachts with these brilliant looking (small) turbines on them.
Who makes them?
How much power do they produce, what do they power?

admin answers:

Here is a web site for you to start with

they supply small wind generators for boats, in both 12v and 24v application, capable of charging up to 3 banks of batteries. The web site will describe each system.

There is also much more info on line if you do a google search.


hope this helps

Maria asks…

I want to travel from long Beach harbor to Hawaii. What is the minimum sized boat for 6 people?

Using both sail and diesel to make the trip.

admin answers:

The more exact distance is 2,140 miles, still it will take you at least 15 days if weather & winds work in your favor.

You will need at least a 36 footer minimum – 46 footer if you need to be a bit more comfortable.

Your problem will be not enough space for stuff, the kind of food you take, fuel, and fresh water. Not one sailboat I know of in the under 50′ range will carry enough fuel to run your motor continually for more than a few days. So, you won’t be able to carry enouth fuel to continually run your engine or generator – therefore, you will have to get food that does not require refrigeration.

The Pacific crossing in that area is not friendly.

Without all of you having experience on a sailboat on the open seas – you would be much better off buying 24 first class tickets on a cruise ship and taking more friends. It would be much more fun, and much less cheaper.

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