Your Questions About Wind Generators

Ruth asks…

How do I make a homebuilt wind generator power ?

Does anybody know?

I really want to make a homebuilt wind generator power but have no idea how. Im a complete noob when it comes to this stuff lol

admin answers:

Homebuilt wind power generators can be built with just a few parts that you probably already have laying around your home.

If you want to power household items like TVs, washing machine etc then you will need an inverter. These are quite cheap though.

I got my instructions on homebuilt wind power generators from and it made life HEAPS easier for me.

Mary asks…

Looking to purchase a Wind Generator for my home.?

What is the brand name of Wind Generators on the market in Canada or the USA? Anyone got a good website or address where I can purchase one – DO NOT SEND the answer – EBay.

admin answers:

You are to be commended for pursuing alternative energy sources. Try one or all of the links bellow. I hope this helps.



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