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Your Questions About Wind Generators Ebay

Steven asks…

how many watts would this use up if going 60 in a electric small car?

so I want to buy this motor…

and used it to convert it to an average small electric car, how many watts would it use going 60mph down the road?

admin answers:

Here’s how to figure that out:

Take the reciprocal of your MPG in the small car. Lets say you get 1/30 gallons per mile. Now multiply that by your average speed, lets say 60 mph (it’s usually lower but overestimating is the safe side, leading to more power consumption calculated).

Do that and you get 2 gallons per hour. Now one gallon of gas contains 36.6 kwh of energy, so your using about 73 killo watt hours per hour, which is just 73 kw.

Now factor the efficiency of your internal combustion engine, .22, and you have 16 kw. That’s the power consumption of the car, with wind and rolling resistance, and your drive train.

Divide by the efficiency of your electric drive system, combining batteries, motor, controller and other small losses, which is about .7, and you get 23 kw.

So your average power consumption in that car would be about 23 kw. Now you can easily calculate your run time and your range. If your battery back is 16 kwh, like the chevy volt, you get a 40 mile range at 60 mph, which is what GM engineers claim on electric power alone.

That also shows you how powerful your generator needs to be, if you plan on making a series hybrid.

So these numbers are a good rough starting point.

Ken asks…

Will this be good for a small, homemade electrical generator?

Pure Copper Round Wire Dead Soft 20 Gauge 0.8 mm 16 Feet, it is on ebay

admin answers:

“It won’t work, no matter what” is absolutely correct. You need magnet wire like this:
or this:

Larger gauge numbers mean smaller wire. You will need to wind a lot of turns. The turns will touch each other, so the wire needs to be insulated so the current will go from one end of the coil to the other without taking a short cut from turn to turn. You will need to scrape off a little insulation at each end to connect to the power source

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Your Questions About Wind Turbine Syndrome

Daniel asks…

why are wind mines the best source of energy ?

admin answers:

Mines? I think you mean wind farms, which are comprised of multiple wind mills or turbines.

No source of energy is without some type of negative impact. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it the “best source of energy” but the fuel (wind) is free.

The problems with wind farms are that they kill birds, are noisy, ugly (NIMB syndrome), and the fuel is not dependable.

Helen asks…

What are the forms of Pseudoscience?

admin answers:

Young Earth creationism
Predictions of the rapture by making calculations on Bible verse numbers or numbers mentioned somewhere in the Bible
Predictions of the end of the world by old Nosty or ancient calendars or the same method as for the rapture
Claims there are signs of the end of the world
Ear candling
Bush essences
Dowsing / divining for water, oil, metals whatever.
Bermuda triangle
Chem trails
Claims about HAARP
Anti-fluoride in water
Steiner education
Faith healing
Bee venom therapy
Home water filters in towns with already filtered water supplies
Bottled water
Colloidal silver therapy
Crystal therapy
Vegan diets
Detox diets
Just about every diet in every women’s magazine ever published
High dose vitamins
Magnet therapy
Wind turbine syndrome
Chelation therapy

Hundreds more. All fraud or delusion.

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